I created some tools to help me read through the Bible. I hope they help you too.

Several years back I set myself a goal to read through the whole Bible. I needed a plan and a way to track my progress. A paper version of this tool was born. I did some work to count the words in the ESV Bible using their development tools. I ended up building this application for myself, but hope that others might find it useful as well. Here's what you can do here:

Read and Track Your Progress

Home presents an index of the Bible. If you have logged in, you will see the items you've marked as read in blue.

Click any chapter to open it to read. If you have logged in, click the checkmark to mark the item as read.

Learn More About the Words Used

You can learn more about the words used in any section using the info button.

This will show you the words used in that grouping, book, or chapter. You'll be able to see how many words are in that section and which words are used most.

You can click on any word to find out more about that word, how often it is used in the Bible, and where it is used.

See the Bible as a Checklist

Track your whole progress in a checklist that groups the Bible books together, and chapters into logical divisions. This helps me feel like I'm making progress along with some visualization of my progress.

Use It on Your Phone

My goal was to make this work well on any device. If you visit the site on your phone and add it to your home screen, it should work pretty much like an application.